McDonald Tank manufactures a complete line of gas production equipment with many sizes, styles, and pressure ranges to meet your varying needs. All controls are standards of the industry and especially selected as the best for their application and ease of operation.

McDonald Tank’s 125# working pressure separators are designed to obtain the highest degree of separating efficiency at the existing temperatures and pressures. The liquid level control is a field-proven float and lever-type capable of handling high volume, low pressure wells.

McDonald Tank’s free-water knockouts automatically separate and remove free water produced along with oil and gas. These units are installed ahead of treaters, heaters, and gun barrels to reduce heating costs and settling requirements of the treating systems and have effectively removed up to 98% of free water produced by the well.

Experienced personnel are always available to assist in the selection and application of the proper equipment for the best economic approach.

  • Oilfield Tanks
  • Treaters
  • Separators
  • Water Knockouts
  • UL 142 Fuel Tanks